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While not as common as undergraduate or graduate school scholarships, there are still some free MBA scholarships out there, and you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to qualify. While your chances of winning an award may seem low, it’s always worth applying, as you never know what might happen! Read on to learn about the most common MBA scholarship types and how to apply for them successfully. It’s almost guaranteed that there’s one out there that will be perfect for you!


How to find scholarships

The best place to start looking for scholarships is on the internet. There are a lot of websites that list scholarships of all types, including those for MBA students. A few examples are Fastweb,ScholarshipExperts, and CollegeBoard.
Search by keywords such as mba scholarship or scholarships in business. Use these sites as a starting point, but don’t stop there! Do some research into other sources of scholarships available in your area or from organizations you are affiliated with.


How to make your application stand out

Applying for scholarships is an excellent way to find some of the best free mba scholarship opportunities. However, you need a strategy to ensure your application stands out from all of the others. Here are five ways to make your MBA scholarship application stand out from the competition:
1. Research schools in your area – There are many schools that offer scholarships for students who live nearby, so it’s important you know what’s available in your area before applying for others elsewhere. 2. Customize each essay – One of the first things most MBA programs will ask for is a personal statement about why you want to pursue an MBA. The essay should be tailored specifically to their program rather than one generic essay submitted to multiple schools or programs. 3. Consider writing about leadership skills – Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers, especially if you’ve taken on any leadership positions in school organizations or work teams. It could also show employers how well-rounded you are as someone with both management experience and strong interpersonal skills. 4. Make a list of specific questions – Applicants should not just write tell me about yourself. Instead, they should take time to think about what specific questions the admissions committee might have for them and then answer them thoroughly within their MBA scholarship application. 5. Check credentials – Be sure to check that you’re submitting your application to the correct school or program! Many scholarships require applicants meet certain GPA standards, previous degrees earned, etc., which can’t be determined unless you go through each school’s requirements beforehand.

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What to include in your application

The application process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for filling out your application (and making sure you stand out from the competition):
-Research each scholarship you’re applying for. Make sure you meet the criteria. -Make sure your essay has a strong introduction and conclusion. Don’t spend all of your time discussing one aspect of yourself or your background–instead, tell us what makes you unique! -Organize your thoughts before writing them down.


Tips for writing a great essay

– Think about what you want your essay to say. It’s an opportunity for you to get creative with your story, so be sure not only to address why you want an MBA but also what you hope it will do for you in terms of long-term goals or personal fulfillment. – Consider how this scholarship would impact your life. What are the obstacles that have been holding you back? – Be honest in your essay.


Other ways to make your application stand out

In order to be considered for a free MBA scholarship, you will need a strong resume, excellent grades, and an impressive essay. Here are some other ways that might make your application stand out from the competition:
* Research any scholarships for which you’re eligible before applying. You’ll need to carefully research each scholarship’s eligibility requirements in order to be sure that you can meet their criteria.

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