Big Brother 24 Just Had An Event Occur So Dramatic A Houseguest Puked

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Monday, July 25th. Read at your own risk!

Matt Turner originally seemed like he might have a boring Head of Household in Week 3, but he really surprised Big Brother fans over the past few days. He, along with assistance from the game’s new alliance The Leftovers, also surprised a bulk of the house who expected him to go along with renominating Taylor Hale for the third week in a row (and maybe even participate in bad-mouthing her). Turner went against the grain, and his renomination was so shocking that it caused a Houseguest to puke. 

So, who puked, and what else caused the house to descend into chaos on Monday afternoon? CinemaBlend continues to watch the live feeds for all major goings-on with a Paramount+ subscription, and we have a rundown of the wild things that occurred after the veto meeting. 

Indy Santos on Big Brother on CBS

(Image credit: CBS)

Turner Nominated Ameerah And Terrance For Eviction, And Indy Puked

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