The 3/7 Method for Muscle Growth and Strength

Muscle Growth, Metabolic Stress, and Mechanical Stress

I’m a sucker for metabolic stress. If, after a workout, I’m not short of breath, don’t feel sweat trickling down my temples, don’t sizzle from a lactic acid burn, or exult in the glory of a pump, I get the workout equivalent of blue balls.

Just like real blue balls, it’s not dangerous, but I’m a little cranky until I find sweet release. So, load me up with work, please. Let my spirit animal – a mutant crossbreeding between a mule and a beaver – shine.

That’s why reading about the 3/7 method aroused my interest. It’s a set-rep scheme developed by French strength coach Emmanuel Legeard in the early 2000s. It combines relatively heavy weight (mechanical stress) with very short rest periods (metabolic stress).

It’s got a couple of things going for it. One, it’s among the most time-efficient methods around, and two, it’s got some solid research to back up its muscle-building and muscle-strengthening credentials.

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