Koffee With Karan 7: 10 Highlights from Akshay Kumar and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s sassy episode

Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan season 7 started with a bang on July 7 and it continues to create a massive buzz in the town. The third episode of Koffee with Karan Season 7 witnessed Samantha Prabhu and Akshay Kumar gracing the show as guests. Akshay carried the actress as they made their grand entry. From Samantha’s honest take on how KJo has ruined marriages to Akshay’s sassy response about the Chris Rock and Will Smith incident, this episode was a laugh riot. During the course of the show, the two stars also spoke about their respective journeys in the film industry and also revealed some aspects of their personal lives.  As the episode has warpped up, we bring to you the top highlights from Koffee With Karan. 

1. Akshay Kumar gave the best piece of advice to all the married men, “Just listen to your wife, that’s all!” TBH, this sounds like pretty solid advice, right fam? Karan asked Akshay about his marriage to Twinkle Khanna and what makes them work as a couple. The actor shared that even though they are two extremely different people, and have a different sense of humour, they have ways to make things work. 

2. Samantha Ruth Prabhu said Karan Johar has presented an idealized version of romance by telling people that all marriages are like K3G and has spoiled everyone while the reality is that marriages are like KGF.

3. Karan Johar, while addressing Samantha’s divorce from Naga Chaitanya, said, “You were the first when you and your husband decided to part ways,” (in reference to talking about the situation on social media) and Sam immediately corrected him- ‘EX-HUSBAND’. 

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4. When Karan said he doesn’t want to encroach on Samantha’s personal life’, the latter jokingly revealed that Karan asked her all the details of her divorce with Naga Chaitanya off camera. Meanwhile, the Ramayya Vasthavayya actress said life has been hard after divorce. “If you put us both in a room, you have to hide sharp objects. As of now yes, the situation is not amicable, but in the future maybe,” she added.

5. Karan threw it out that the Telugu industry has more nepotism than Bollywood and that there is an all-boys club but Smanatha diplomatically avoided that question saying that nepotism doesn’t help with a second and third chance. Karan Johar asked Samantha about Nepotism in Hyderabad and how celebrities’ kids grew up together and relate to each other in a way. To this, Sam replied, “I think it differs from apple to apple. Nepo kids or non-nepo kids, everyone comes with their own demons and their own demons to face. It is as simple, once you are in the game, even if your father is the coach, he is still standing on the sidelines. There is nothing he can possibly do for you to win the game. There is divine intervention and the ball is always in the audience’s court.” 

6. Akshay Kumar said that he was not aware of the term ‘nepotism’ and asked his wife Twinke Khanna about it. He said when he began his acting journey, he never paid attention to how many actors were there in his movie. He shared that when he was teaching martial arts, he was earning Rs 5000 per month but when he got an advertisement, he got paid Rs 21,000 for two hours of work. It was then he decided to enter the film industry and never looked back. 

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7. Referring to the Chris Rock and Will Smith episode, Karan asked Akshay if  this ever happened to Tina (Twinkle Khanna) what would he do? To which, Akshay replied saying he will pay for the funeral of Chris Rock if he makes fun of his wife, adding she will kill him. 

8. Akshay Kumar mentioned that he is producing movies with Karan Johar but is unable to get two heroes to come together and star in the movie in Bollywood while there is no problem with heroines coming together and starring in a movie together

9. Samantha said that the most bizarre statement she heard in news reports about her divorce with Naga Chaitanya was that she demanded Rs 250 crore as alimony. She joked that she was waiting for IT officials to raid her place after the reports on her alimony surfaced. 

10. The guests had a blast in the Rapid-Fire round and Akshay won the hamper by a huge margin. However, he decided to gift his hamper to Prabhu. The quiz round, on the other hand, was won by the actress. We also witnessed the actors perform on various dance forms on the ‘Oo Antava’ song in this round. Sam won the round by two points. The guests signed off by signing their coffee mugs.

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