How To Speed Farm All 24 ‘Destiny 2’ Solstice Challenges For Armor Glows And The Title

Destiny 2 has brought back Solstice of Heroes as just “Solstice,” which includes a new activity in an old zone, and an entirely overhauled way to upgrade your armor. There’s also a chance to earn a new title and gild it, all based around a new system of 24 challenges per character you need to complete over the course of the event.

Here’s the basics: There are 24 challenges in total. Each gives you one “kindling.” Six kindling put into each piece of stat-based armor (helm, arms, chest, legs) will give it maximum potential stat rolls, and make it have a white glow. The 24 challenges are also how you get the title (4 more gild it). Some are cake. Some are a grind. Let’s go through them.

1. Complete the Bonfire Bash activity – You will do this one by default after the intro quest.

2. Defeat Ignition Carries in Bonfire Bash – Will be done in short order if you play the mode at all.

3. Torch the Taken – This is not killing individual Taken enemies, it is “rounds” of Taken when the activity pauses and you have to go kill two yellow bars in a blight. There are two of these per Bonfire.

4-6. Stoke the Flames – There are three of these, going all the way up to 150 “stokes” total. This counts your teammates throwing the orbs at the fire, so no need to fight them for balls. I have yet to not do 20 of these per Bonfire, which is the max.

7. Collect Silver Ash – This is converting Silver Leaves to Silver Ash through playing Bonfire. I believe the max is 100 Silver Ash per run, for 20 fire stokes.

8. Complete the Bonfire Bash activity against all enemy races – This is just luck. I am currently stuck on five Hive rounds in a row, which is annoying.

9. Defeat targets anywhere in the system – Literally kill anything, anywhere, does not have to be in Bonfire Bash.

10. Defeat combatants with Solar abilities – Given that everyone has Solar builds right now, this should not be hard. Double up on grenades or melee charges if you want to go faster.

11. Defeat targets with super abilities – Does not have to be solar. You want your roaming, mob clear supers for this. You will probably just do this naturally over the course of all theses other activities but if not, Altars of Sorrow is a good spot for this.

12. Defeat combatants with power weapons – A good way to do this is Dares of Eternity round 2 with infinite heavy ammo. Otherwise, get a machine gun and use it like a primary as much as you can in activities.

13. Defeat opposing Guardians in any activity – The PvP averse will hate this, but it’s really just a few games of Crucible. Mayhem is live this week, if you’d rather just mess around in that.

14. Defeat targets with Hand Cannons – Does not have to be in Bonfire. I did it with Sunshots but I don’t think the chain explosions counted.

15. Defeat targets with shotguns – You can use the Compass Rose from the activity if you want, but I’m leveling my Haunted shotgun as I do this.

16. Defeat bosses anywhere in the system – Again, Altars of Sorrow really rips through this, as a boss is technically any yellow bar you can’t finish, I believe. But you will probably finish this just by doing all the other stuff here naturally.

17. Complete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves – Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard Strikes, which feed into some challenges coming up.

18. Complete public events to earn Silver Leaves – Nessus and EDZ are my go-tos here as there are usually always 2-3 events running, and many of the heroics can be completed in anywhere from like 30-60 seconds. Avoid glimmer mining, that takes too long. Heroic public events are also one of the better overall leaf farms in terms of time investment.

19. Complete Patrols to earn Silver Leaves – The “go to a place an interact with an object” ones on the moon and the Throne World take about 15 seconds each. Otherwise you can just pick up a “kill things” bounty if you’re running public events or Altars.

20. Complete runs of Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves – I’ve only done Dares but a normal run is 25%, so you’d need four of those. Blind Well may be quicker if you go through all the Tiers.

21. Complete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves – You’re probably going to need to buckle up and do some Nightfalls at higher levels here, because it’s 7% a strike in the playlist, meaning you’d need to run 15 strikes there to finish. Nightfalls will be higher percentages.

22. Complete Sever missions or Altars or Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves – I just finished doing way too many Sever missions for the Reaper title, and the back half of an Altars had me finish almost this entire thing in one go.

23. Run activities in the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves – Ideally you want a Vow run here to get a giant chunk of this done, otherwise you are stuck doing a lot of little things like 5% for those “Savathun memory” missions or 10% per Wellspring run. Not ideal.

24. Complete Crucible or Gambit Matches to earn Silver Leaves – Easily the worst challenge here because there’s no way to shortcut it other than playing maybe Rumble or Mayhem for shorter games. You need 25 in total, and there is no speed-up bonus for doing this on your second and third character, which makes this the grind of this entire event, I’d say. I don’t love it.

Bonus: Title gilding requirements. Four extra challenges to gild Flamekeeper, the event title

1. Upgrade multiple pieces of Candescent Armor – Since this has to be able to be done on one character, I believe this one means you have “re-rolled” a maxed out piece of armor 12 times.

2. Wearing a fully rekindled set of Candscent Armor, complete dungeons, raids, master or grandmaster Nightfalls or win rounds of Trials of Osiris – Take your pick of your endgame activity once you have a set done. The fastest here is probably doing dungeon checkpoints through LFG.

3. Fully stoke the bonfire in Bonfire Bash – Again, I have never not done this. Easy.

4. Complete Bonfire Bash without dying – Like just be even a little bit careful and this should be pretty easy to do. I think I did it by my third or fourth one by accident.

Got all that?

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