Charles Barkley may have to give up ‘Inside the NBA’ if he joins LIV golf

1. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman leaving Fox to join ESPN might end up as the second-most shocking broadcaster move of 2022.

Dan Patrick reported on his Tuesday radio show that if Charles Barkley joins the LIV Tour, he will likely leave TNT and Inside the NBA, where he has been a fixture since 2000.

“He’s the most valuable voice in sports media,” said Patrick. “You throw in all the commercials, because he may lose those endorsements, a lot of these players who joined the LIV tour lost endorsements. Charles knows that he may lose those. So if you’re gonna go after Charles Barkley, you don’t have a TV deal and you have David Feherty, what are you gonna give Charles Barkley? And Charles says he’s going to listen to them, I believe tomorrow night and decide what he’s going to do, and he might have to leave TNT. That’s why this is a huge deal. And Charles knows that he may have to leave TNT to do this.”

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