Skull Session: Only Three Schools Could Win Title, Big 12 and Pac-12 Talks End, and Gee Scott Jr. and TreVeyon Henderson Flip a House

The conference wars have begun.

Word of the Day: Umbrageous.

 ITHE ONLY TEAMS THAT MATTER. If y’all were holing out hope that this might be the year we see some new competitors atop college football, I’ve got some bad news.

FanDuel has just released prop bet that shows how absurdly top-heavy college football this season is this season.

The line allows betters to wager on the blueblood trio of the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Georgia Bulldogs, or the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the national title at absolutely ridiculous -340 odds, or any other team at +280 odds.


For my gambling novices healthy adults, this means that if you bet $100 that either Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio State win the national title, you would win just $29.41. Meanwhile, if you bet $100 on the field to win the national title, you would win $280.

And the wildest part is… there’s not a chance in hell I would be the field.

 NEGOTIATIONS END. The leftover scraps of the Big 12 and the Pac-12 had a chance to join forces to join the megaconference train, but it looks like that ain’t going to happen.

Officials from the Big 12 told Pac-12 officials on Monday that they’re no longer interested in exploring the partnership, sources said.

A Big 12 source said that the deal didn’t work for the conference for “a multitude of reasons,” which included the fact that any potential deal wouldn’t have driven much revenue for the league. “It just didn’t work,” the source said.

A Pac-12 source briefed on the conversations said that the Big 12 had expressed interest on Friday in possibly exploring a full merger. The Big 12 source said of the three options laid out by the Pac-12 — pooling rights, a scheduling concept or fully combining the leagues — the only scenario that could have potentially driven value because of the sheer numbers of schools and population areas was a full merger of the leagues.

The Pac-12 source indicated the Big 12 was interested in that option. A Big 12 source said the Big 12 needed more time to explore that option further, which it did over the weekend, and decided not to explore any options further.

I know nothing about this, and neither does anybody else, but it seems like the only way those conferences were going to be able to even almost compete with the Big Ten and the SEC was to join forces.

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But maybe they’re not worried about it? I don’t know. Do you, I guess.

 LOOKOUT, PROPERTY BROTHERS. If the whole football thing doesn’t work out for Gee Scott Jr. or TreVeyon Henderson, it looks like you could be seeing the pair on HGTV in the near future.

Scott and Henderson are both trying their hands at house flipping, and by all accounts, it appears to be going well for them.

As far as “NIL deals” go, this might have to bethe single most unique one I’ve seen yet.

 EXTREMELY ANGRY. J.K. Dobbins brought out the absolute fire yesterday when Ian Rapoport reported Dobbins could miss the beginning of the season as he continues to rehab his injury.

Turns out, that report is not true. And Dobbins is HEATED.

For the record, this might be the most angry I have ever seen Dobbins about literally anything. Dude is one of the most chill guys on the planet, so something really must have set him off.

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 SONG OF THE DAY. “Riders of the Storm” by The Doors.

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