PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium free games for July 2022

PlayStation Plus has already released its free games for all subscribers for this month, but the revamped service is now operating on a system where it releases further games for subscribers of its higher tiers, Extra and Premium in the middle of the month.

The Extra tier gives you access to a collection of hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games to download and play, with a lot of big blockbusters and hidden games available for you to try.

Leading the pack this month is Stray (PS5/PS4), which is being released day one on the service. Play as a cat making its way around a cyberpunk city to solve an ancient mystery while unlocking trophies with some brilliant/terrible cat-pun names.


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We’ve also got Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5), the current-gen version of the hugely successful first part of Square Enix’s FFVII Remake trilogy. Journey through Midgar and experience the expanded story with its gonzo plot twists, and try out the extra episode featuring spunky ninja Yuffie and a very difficult boss fight against a character from forgotten spin-off Dirge of Cerberus. The standard PS4 version is already available via Extra.

Another big game for this month is Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers (PS5/Ps4). Although the game bombed with critics and players for its microtransactions, there’s a decent storyline to play through and a host of heroes added in post-launch updates.

Furthermore, a load of Assassin’s Creed titles – The Ezio Collection, Black Flag, Freedom Cry, Unity and Rogue Remastered (all PS4) — are joining the line-up, as are: Saints Row IV, Re-elected, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition, Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, Jumanji The Video Game, Paw Patrol on a Roll! and ReadySet Heroes (all PS4).


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Unfortunately, the new additions to the Premium tier – which adds downloadable PS1, PS2 and PSP games, streaming options for a lot of the Plus library and extra stream-only PS3 games – are thin on the ground. Though we are getting PSP titles No Heroes Allowed! and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

Interestingly, the Italian PS blog listed PS1 classic Dino Crisis and PSP titles Ridge Racer 2 and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny as well, but quickly removed mentions of them (but not quickly enough for fans to notice). While we are sure these games will come eventually, it’s disappointing to see a Premium tier with just two additions.

All these games will be added to PS Plus on July 19. It’s important to note that, unlike the basic Essential tier, games here operate similarly to video streaming services in that they are cycled in and out of availability.

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